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Neutron Impact Grenade (Belgie)


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Airsoft Grenade – Inbound!

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A great quality single shot impact grenade from the guys who brought you the Quake

Using the simple and effective bobble head design which is so popular in the “Quake”, the “Neutron” series of BFG’s are constructed from stainless steel and aircraft-grade aluminium. Weighing approximately 450g it means the device can be used time and time again, without compromising on reliability. As with all Tectonic products, they are made in the UK with all parts easily and quickly serviced.

We wanted to bring our customers the best value “BFG” full metal impact grenade onto the market. Self contained safety, twist to live system means you can easily and swiftly deploy your bang with no need to worry about losing pins or parts. With glow in the dark ready option built in its perfect for even the darkest deployment opportunity. All Neutrons will ship with 2 x single use Glow capsules included, with replacements costing as little as £1 for 12 hours of light emission.

Unlike all other BFGs on the market the “Neutron” has been made with adaptability and add ons in mind. The Neutron will allow it.

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