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Maxx Model – CNC Hopup Chamber M4i PRO for ICS M4 AEG


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Maxx Model MI PRO CNC Hopup unit for ICS M4

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The Maxx Model CNC Hopup Chamber M4i PRO for ICS M4 AEG (with BB Latching System) is precision-machined for accurate and consistent performance.

This chamber by Maxx Model works perfectly on ICS CXP/CS4/EBB (including old models) M4/M16 AEG series.
The M4A Hopup Chamber is built with an aluminum dial for fine hopup adjustments. The precision Hopup Lever and 4mm Bucking Nubs (6mm Bucking Nubs are optional) are made to perform best with R-Hop and Standard-Hop to keep every shot consistent and accurate.
This unit works best with Maxx Models 21.00mm or 21.25mm nozzle length and is fully compatible with most aftermarket soft and hard rubber buckings without losing FPS or dropping BBs in use. (Think about this when reloading your magazine).
The Hopup Chamber is wisely equipped with an interchangeable Inlet Adapter OD11mm to ensure that the hopup unit is precisely centered on the 11mm inner bore AEG Gearbox/HPA Engine nozzle outlet without wobbling. (Inlet adapter OD11.5mm and OD12mm are optional).

Also, the removable CNC Brass Side Wings are mounted to slide smoothly into the outer barrel slots, and includes an advanced CNC Delrin Locking C-Clip to hold the inner barrel tightly in place without wobbling and twisting.

***The Dual UV LED Tracer Module is an additional option for illuminating BBs in the dark. Operating voltage from 7VDC – 15VDC (2-4 cells LiPo, 6-13 cells NiCad).
***Test results: FPS can be increased from 10FPS to 30FPS compared to the standard setup. Check your FPS!

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