• Hop-Up Chamber with ball illumination is an innovative addition to replicas that allows you to improve the precision of shots when playing in low light conditions. This advanced Hop-Up chamber was created to provide shooters with unparalleled accuracy and gameplay experience. Our latest product, the Hop-Up Chamber with ball illumination, is a real revolution in the world of airsoft. Equipped with advanced technology, this Hop-Up Chamber is not only excellent at adjusting the ball’s trajectory, but also has built-in lighting that gives it a unique look and functionality.Main features:
    1.Precise adjustment of the ball’s trajectory: Thanks to the precise Hop-Up adjustment, you can adjust the trajectory of each ball to your needs. You will achieve excellent shot accuracy at various distances.
    2.Ball illumination: The unique feature of this Hop-Up chamber is the built-in ball illumination. Thanks to this, visibility is excellent even in low light conditions. The balls are illuminated a moment before leaving the chamber, which allows for precise aiming even in the dark.
    3.Durable construction: Made of high-quality materials, the Hop-Up chamber with backlight is extremely durable and resistant to extreme weather conditions.

    To sum up: The Hop-Up chamber with ball illumination is not only a tool for improving the precision of shots, but also an element that will add a unique style to your replica. This allows you to achieve not only excellent accuracy, but also a unique experience during the game. Illuminate your path to victory and gain an advantage over your rivals thanks to our innovative Hop-Up Chamber with ball illumination.

    This chamber illuminates the green and red bbs. The chamber comes with cables that allow it to be connected to the balancer socket in a li-po/li-ino battery. Power can be supplied from the replica’s battery or from an additional battery located outside.