Balystik presents this gear grease with exclusive lithium-based technology. It provides protection against wear under severe load and high speed conditions. It will be ideal for lubricating your AEG gears and the piston rail, but can also be applied to the rubbing parts of your GBB/GBBR. We advise you to use a small brush for better application.

Strong points :

  •      Highly adhesive chemical structure wich won’t obstruct the optical sensors of the mosfets
  •      Good resistance over time thanks to its complex lithium-based properties
  •      Reduce maintenance needs
  •      Supports high and low temperatures (-10°C to +140°C)

Applications on AEGs :

  •      Piston rack and piston internal
  •      Gearbox gears
  •      Motor pinion head
  •      Bushings
  •      Spring guide

Applications on GBB/GBBR :

  •      Trigger group
  •      Buffer
  •      Slide, etc …